A Medici in the Sistine Chapel (4 voice program)

The dawning of the sixteenth century saw the election of a pope from Italy’s most powerful family, the Medici. Known for their opulent courts and unimaginable wealth, the Medici broadened their earthly realm to the heavenly one with the papal election of Giovanni di Lorenzo de’ Medici. This program is a musical tour of the Sistine Chapel during the time of Pope Leo X. As pope, his patronage helped to establish a haven where the world’s best composers wrote the great works of Renaissance vocal polyphony and the world’s best choir, the Capella Sistina, was on hand to sing them.

William Hudson, tenor
Andrew Rader, countertenor
Daniel Carberg, tenor
Matthew Leese, baritone

Program to include pieces by
Costanzo Festa
Andreas di Silva
Josquinbr> and others . . .