A Medieval Reliquary
Songs for Saints

A collection of mystical songs that tell the stories of saints revered in Europe in the Middle Ages. Interspersed with the music are readings from the 13th-century Legenda Sanctorum (Legends of the Saints) by Jacobus de Voragine which bring the stories alive and pull the listener deeper into the music. Music from 14th- and 15th- century England, France, and Italy by Walter Frye, Guillaume de Machaut, Johannes Ciconia, Guillaume Du Fay, and others.

“Soprano Melanie Germond and mezzo-soprano Carolann Buff articulated the poetic, winding melodies flawlessly—beautiful and animated over the slow-moving tones held fast by tenor, William Hudson. These tones stood like columns in the room, which supported the melodies in a wonderful way into the ears and hearts of the audience. . . . The music has a nearly virginal quality.  The notes move in a small tone range. They branch out, soar, celebrate the beauty of the thoughts and images and return to unanimity. Then they fall silent. The echo continues in the mind a long time." — Die Rheinpfalz (Germany)

PROGRAM (subject to change):

I. Apostles
Apostolo glorioso / Cum tua doctrina (Guillaume Du Fay)
Tu Capud Ecclesie/Tu es petrus/[Veritatem] (Anon.)
O Petre, Christi discipule (Johannes Ciconia)
Rite majorem Jacobum canamus / Artibus summis (Du Fay)
Pie pater Dominice / O Petre martir / O Thoma lux (A. de Civitate)

II. Martyrs
St. Thomas honour we (Anon.)
Martyrum gemma latria / Diligenter inquiramus (Guillaume de Machaut)
Celi solem sequitur (Anon.)
Laurea Martirii/Conlaudanda est corporis (M. da Perugia)
O beate Sebastiane (Du Fay)

III. Virgin Martyrs
Virgo Sancta Katerina (Anon.)
Virgo Regalis (Anon.)
Gaudeamus omnes (Don Paolo)
Katerina costi regis filia (Anon.)
En Katerine solennia / Virginalis concio (Byttering)

IV. Confessors
Sospitati dedit egros (Walter Frye)
Civitas nusquam (Anon.)
O flos in divo/Sacris pignoribus (Richard Loqueville)
O virum omnimoda (Ciconia)